Pirates looking to trade Freddy Sanchez, their only All-Star


The Pirates are reportedly "pushing hard" to deal Freddy Sanchez, the team's usual placeholder in the All-Star game. The Giants and Rockies are rumored to have an interest, but according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "there are as many as four or five more" teams involved.

Two things about a potential Sanchez deal deserve your attention:

1) Colorado might be offering Eric Young Jr. He'll immediately become a must-add player in fantasy leagues when he arrives in the majors. Young has stolen 47 bases so far this year at Triple-A and he's scored 71 runs.

2) The Pirates could be without an All-Star if Sanchez is flipped before Tuesday. According to an email from Pat Courtney, MLB vice president of public relations, the All-Star manager would not be obligated to take anyone from the club. The Bucs could simply go starless. (H/T, Pirates Report). This scenario is somehow more cruel than when a team's lone All-Star is injured and thus unavailable. If Sanchez is dealt, the Pirates will have...nothing. Just a pile of LaRoches. They'll have one fewer All-Star than the 24-win Nationals. How sad.

Bucs fans, please make your Zach Duke(notes) argument in comments...


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