OK, who's the next McLouth?


You might recall that at the beginning of this season, the mainstream sports press "discovered" Nate McLouth. As if he'd only recently strolled out of the cornfield.

But if you were involved in a competitive fantasy league last year, McLouth was already well-known. The guy hit 12 home runs and stole 16 bases after the break. Such things do not go unnoticed...except by the Pirates themselves, who sat him in September.

So today's question is this: Who's the next McLouth?

That is, who's having a breakout season right now, yet not getting much attention outside the fantasy community, and not likely to be properly discovered until 2009?

It's still early, but Jays' outfielder Adam Lind is a strong candidate. The 25-year-old is hitting .390/.407/.636 in July with eight doubles, three homers, and 17 RBIs. Lind isn't heavily-owned just yet (6.4 percent), but you can find him at the fringe of the most-added outfielder list.

Lind also gets bonus points for McLouthiness because his employer does not seem particularly impressed with him. He hit sixth in the Toronto batting order yesterday, behind Lyle Overbay and Rod Barajas -- and that was the highest Lind has been all season. He's only recently crept out of the No. 8 and 9 spots.

There are other worthy nominees, too, of course. Feel free to discuss them. We'll pull together the best of the suggestions for a later post.

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