Notes from the Eddie Royal Show

If you like personal fouls and gimmick plays that go horribly wrong, then Oakland is your team. No question. On Monday night, they satisfied your longing for absurd mistakes.

If you're more of a traditionalist, however, then it was Eddie Royal who impressed you.

The Denver rookie caught nine passes for 146 yards and a TD, and thoroughly owned DeAngelo Hall. The Broncos also gave Royal two carries and a pass attempt. He clearly won't be just a small part of the offense, even with Brandon Marshall returning in Week 2.

Royal is the priority waiver claim this week -- particularly for Nate Burleson drafters -- although the Raiders will make many players look good this year. (The government might actually need to take them over, Freddie/Fannie-style, if it can help prevent a deeper systemic crisis).

Michael Pittman rushed for two short-yardage touchdowns. He and Selvin Young each had seven carries, while Andre Hall had 10 for 61 yards. It was amazing that Hall played, considering the circumstances.

It appears this will be a three-way job share, and that Pittman has the third-down role. He may also receive preferential treatment in short-yardage situations, but they won't belong exclusively to him. The Denver running back committee is exactly the pileup you expected it to be.

Tony Scheffler dropped a sure touchdown, spoiling a nice bit of improvisation by Jay Cutler. Scheffler split time with Nate Jackson, who didn't impress and also dropped a (less meaningful) pass.

Darren McFadden suffered an unspecified injury to his left shoulder. Here's the early report from the San Francisco Chronicle:

McFadden injured his shoulder - Kiffin called it a stinger - and could not return to the game in the fourth quarter. No word on if the injury will linger into Sunday's game at Kansas City.

McFadden, the fourth overall pick of the draft, had nine rushes for 46 yards and an 11-yard catch.

His departure led to more work for Justin Fargas (18 carries for 97 yards). During the liveblog (prior to the injury), we declared McFadden a buy-low candidate in fantasy leagues. That's still my official position today.

There's no buying low on Jay Cutler, not anymore.


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