Not a surprise: Dallas fires the Barbarian

Marion Barber, at his best, has been one of the NFL's most entertaining runners — reckless, violent, wickedly determined to cross the goal line. He averaged 4.8 yards per carry in 2006 and '07, finding the end zone 28 times over two seasons. His highlights were unique and brutal, rarely suitable for all audiences.

But alas, his running style never really seemed compatible with a long career. The Barbarian's production has dipped recently, all the way to 3.3 yards per carry in 2010. Thus, Tuesday's news wasn't a huge surprise: Dallas reportedly informed Barber that he would be released, a move that saves the team over $4 million this season.

The Cowboys will get all the production they possibly can from Felix Jones, then spell him with Tashard Choice and rookie third-rounder DeMarco Murray (one of my preferred end-of-draft plays). The Barbarian becomes a sellsword, mildly tempting to any team looking for an old, high-mileage rotational back. Washington, it's your move.

According to various reports, the Cowboys will also jettison receiver Roy Williams. This comes as a great shock to 2008 Jerry Jones, but no one else. Please, please, please, no one tell Mike Martz that Williams is available.


Photo via US Presswire

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