Nine Unassisted: Introducing the '09 Mayoral Face-off

If you've ever wondered how your city's mayor would perform against other mayors in a fantasy football league, then … well, then you have unimaginable civic pride. And we've designed a contest that should settle the issue beyond any doubt.

Yahoo! Sports recently invited 11 mayors from across the country to compete in the Fantasy Football '09 Mayoral Face-off and, incredibly, they agreed. The winner receives a $15,000 donation to a local non-profit sports charity. A second $15,000 will be awarded to the city receiving the most fan votes. (These prizes are much better than the incentives offered during the Fantasy Football '08 Gubernatorial Face-off™, where all non-winners were required to resign amid scandal).

Let's meet the competitors and check their first-round picks:

1. Jim Schmitt, Green Bay, "Green Machine" - RB Adrian Peterson
2. Pam Iorio, Tampa Bay, "Tampa Con Leches" - RB Matt Forte(notes)
3. Buddy Dyer, Orlando, "Orlando Scorchers" - RB Maurice Jones-Drew(notes)
4. Kevin Johnson, Sacramento, "Sack-town's Finest" - RB Michael Turner(notes)
5. Mark Funkhouser, Kansas City, "Funk's Footballers" - RB Brian Westbrook(notes)
6. R.T. Rybak, Minneapolis, "Results Minneapolis" - WR Larry Fitzgerald(notes)
7. Mick Cornett, Oklahoma City, "OMG it's OKC" - WR Andre Johnson(notes)
8. Ron Dellums, Oakland, "Dellums Dynamites" - RB DeAngelo Williams(notes)
9. Byron Brown, Buffalo, "Buffalo's Best" - RB LaDainian Tomlinson(notes)
10. Luke Ravenstahl, Pittsburgh, "Pittsburgh Proud" - RB Chris Johnson
11. Gavin Newsom, San Francisco, "BarbaryCoast Bombers" - RB Frank Gore(notes)
12. The Commish, unknown and unaffiliated - RB Steven Jackson

You'll find full draft results here. Any questions about the competitiveness of the league should have been answered when Mayor Schmitt (no fool) selected Peterson first overall.

Vote early, gamers, and vote often.

In Seattle, Edgerrin James(notes) is apparently in and TJ Duckett(notes) is apparently out. This won't change the placement of Julius Jones(notes) on my draft board significantly, because I didn't want any part of him a week ago (or a year ago). The Duckett move doesn't make perfect sense for a variety of reasons. Field Gulls offers the best take on this swap that you're likely to see. [Field Gulls]

Marc Hulet would like to introduce you to the Diamondbacks' latest first baseman of the future: Brandon Allen. The 23-year-old has hit .298 with 20 homers over 447 minor league at-bats this season. [FanGraphs]

Austin Collie(notes) has been catching nearly everything that's thrown his way, and he seems to have the edge in the battle to be the Colts' No. 3 wide receiver. In prior years, that's been a fantasy-friendly role. Here's Jim Caldwell: "[Collie] has certainly shown the ability to be a clutch player and catch the ball in tough situations, and can run with it after the catch. … He also has a real fine understanding of where he's supposed to be, and I think that's the really important thing, particularly when you're working on your timing with the quarterback." [Indianapolis Star]

You'll find a useful review of potential September call-ups over at Razzball right now, for those in desperate need of anything at all. It's a thorough look. Some of us have been holding Maybin and EY Jr. for a brutally long time. [Hitters, Pitchers]

Curt Schilling was not at all surprised that Billy Wagner seemed to be avoiding pennant races. Interesting. However, Wagner reportedly agreed to a deal that will send two PTBNLs to New York (where they will almost certainly get hurt if they're any good). [WEEI,]

Terrell Owens(notes) (sprained toe) has made an appearance on the practice field, participating in rehab drills. He's also taking "mental reps." However, he will not play in the Bills' upcoming preseason game. Worried yet? [Inside the Bills]

The Hazean delivered the usual sweep of NFL injuries in Monday Morning Rehab. It's basically the usual suspects: Reggie Bush(notes), Marc Bulger(notes), Ben Roethlisberger(notes), Brian Westbrook, Beanie Wells. [The Hazean]

I've really got nothing to link to here, but I feel compelled to pass along a nugget from a conversation with Michael Silver last week. He cannot believe that Chris Johnson is not the No. 2 overall pick in fantasy drafts: "I will be wrong about 30 things this year, but I will NOT be wrong about Chris Johnson." And then he went back to discussing the Cal Bears women's Frogger team, or something similar.


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