Nine Unassisted: Fowl moods, tired arms, dump deals

It wasn't if, but when the ironman streak would end, and so it is that today's headlines are, in fact, assisted. Mr. Behrens will be back tomorrow and he has kindly requested that all comments regarding the general blog-worthiness of this format be reserved for Wednesday's 9U, so he may be fully engaged in the dialogue.

Dexter Fowler(notes) (24 steals) has been a nice fantasy story, but the kid is wearing down and Carlos Gonzalez(notes) is hitting .444 since the All-Star break. Result: Gonzo goes and Fowler sits against righties (Colorado faces southpaw Jamie Moyer(notes) on Tuesday). One question: Is this the first fantasy breakout season to be derailed by a growth spurt? [Denver Post]

He's playing more like a Volkswagen and less like a Ferrari, which somehow means Ray Rice is the biggest breakout candidate on the Ravens roster. To save you the trouble of searching, yes the word "committee" is still in play here, though Rice is getting the majority of the first-team snaps. [Baltimore Sun]

What's the most popular fantasy baseball league format out there? Based on early returns, if you're an AL-only Chris Davis(notes) owner and you're not losing sleep over his keeper status, you're missing the boat. [Fake Teams]

If you're inclined to play pace police and blow a gasket the first time an owner uses the full 90 seconds to make a pick in an online draft, target the fifth pick for your first volley this year. It's a debate we started a while ago and the question continues today: Is Steven Jackson(notes) a top-5 fantasy pick in 2009? [Football Cafe]

Dallas Morning News readers are drawing Nolan Ryan comparisons and calling for Neftali Feliz(notes) to close games by September, so at least they're keeping six outs vs. the Oakland Athletics in their proper perspective. [Dallas Morning News]

Is Manny Ramirez(notes) in a steroid slump, a natural Age 37 decline or just in the midst of a rough patch? Or does he just need another bobblehead night? [True Blue LA]

Josh Morgan isn't giving anyone cause to slide him off the sleeper radar. Investing in the Niners' potential No. 1 wideout means rooting for Shaun Hill, and that battle could take a while to play out. [AP]

BREAKING: Kevin Gregg(notes) is tired. [Chicago Sun-Times]

Are consolation tournaments and keeper discounts fair solutions to combat keeper-league dump deals? [Hardball Times]

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