Nine on nine: Marshall suspended, Vick disruptive

We're test-driving a new name for this feature today. I'll then spend my afternoon sifting through consumer surveys and comments from focus groups. Loads of NFL news to cover. Let's get to it...

There's nothing left for Brandon Marshall(notes) to do, really, unless he starts openly rooting for the Chargers. He's made his dissatisfaction with Denver known in every other possible way. Marshall wants either a billion-dollar deal or a trade. Or both. So far the Broncos haven't given him anything except a suspension. I've quietly bought shares of Jabar Gaffney(notes); he's comfortable with the Josh McDaniels playbook, although he's clearly not in Marshall's class, talent-wise. Brandon Stokley(notes) gets a bump, too.

A Marshall trade really seems inevitable. The Giants, Ravens, Bears, Titans, Rams, Redskins, Browns, Cowboys and probably five other teams should be interested, no matter what's said publicly. Feel free to speculate and/or vent in comments. [Denver Post]

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane isn't so sure that Donovan McNabb(notes) has fully embraced Michael Vick(notes) experience, nor the VickCat. As a McNabb investor, I certainly don't need to see him line up at receiver ever again. That's not my favorite aspect of the Wildcat. [Bird's Eye View]

Pierre Thomas'(notes) sprained MCL may keep him sidelined during the preseason, but Sean Payton's comments have not been all that discouraging: "I think he's going to recover fully. So I don't think it's going to be an ongoing season problem for him. It's just going to take a week and a half here. We may or may not be able to play him against Miami but I'm confident of the type of injury he has that it's going to heal properly and not be something that drags on. So that's the good news." [New Orleans Times Picayune]

Yes, Mike Bell(notes) has had a nice preseason. Yes, he's going to see some action when the games count. But no, I don't interpret Sean Payton's "I think so" response as a sign that the Saints have formed a full-blown three-headed value-wrecking committee. Thomas isn't sliding in my ranks just yet. [More Times-Picayune]

Cowboys receiver Roy Williams injured his left shoulder in practice and the early reports were scary. Don't worry, though. It's reportedly just a contusion. Jerry Jones had this to say regarding Williams' injury: "Based on our review here, we're talking about a very short timespan. I don't know that he'll go Saturday … but he'll be out there real quick." [Dallas Morning News]

Jets rookie running back Shonn Greene(notes) is dealing with an injury to his ribs. It sounds like he'll be shut down for a few days: "There is nothing broken, but there are some cartilage issues there,'' [Rex] Ryan said. ''We're being conservative. I'm not so sure he'll play any more of the preseason games." [Newark Star-Ledger]

The royal order of the fantasy roundtable gathers to discuss sleepers. They're only looking at players with ADPs in Round 10 or later … and they seem to like the vets. []

New this season in Dallas: Lots of do-overs. This is a marvelously ridiculous solution to a completely absurd problem. MJD has the details. [Shutdown Corner]

Knowshon Moreno(notes) (MCL) isn't going to make the one or two week recovery window, but he is improving: "There is a chance Moreno will be able to return to practice next week, though it is unlikely he will be ready to play in the final preseason game, Sept. 3 against Arizona." It's not the best possible news, but it's also not the worst. He's much better than the rest of that pileup, although MDS (hearts) Correll Buckhalter(notes).


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