Nine on nine: Freakshows, bullpen upheaval, draft results

I have no idea what's happening in the photo above, but I think a foul ball is involved. That's not great beverage protection there, champ.

Important reminder: Evans and I are hosting "The Fantasy Freak Show," a two-hour football gala this Friday night on WSCR 670 in Chicago (11:00 to 1:00). We urge you to listen. We're desperate for your calls. It's really not possible to win a fantasy league if you don't tune in. There will be special guests, too. And the 30th caller gets a dream date with Charles Robinson. Please join us.

Colorado closer Huston Street (right biceps) is headed for an MRI and there's no timetable on his return. Franklin Morales takes over the ninth: "Franklin wants to be out there, and that's part of it," Tracy said of Morales, who began the year as a starter. "Did you see his emotion out there? He's going to get the ball until we get Huston back." [Denver Post]

The second annual Facebook Experts League held its draft on Wednesday. Jeff Ma of Citizen Sports assembled a delightful group of fantasy professionals. It's a standard setup, non-PPR, with a flex. Everyone selected their pet player(s), so the draft results are a nice survey of the industry. Funston basically spent the entire draft attempting to negotiate complicated trades for Maurice Jones-Drew(notes). He failed. Check the bracketed links for commentary from Liss and Hansen. [Rotosynthesis, Fantasy Guru]

RJ Anderson discusses the Buster Posey callup, issuing necessary advice to fans and fantasy owners: "My warning for Giants fans is to not take these 100 (or however many) plate appearances too seriously." Posey's minor league line has been plenty impressive. [FanGraphs. And here's some bonus coverage of Geovany Soto]

Another doomed NFL team (Tampa Bay) has whacked its offensive coordinator (Jeff Jagodzinski), days before the start of the regular season. Never a good sign. "Morris cited Jagodzinski's inadequate attention to detail and lack of 'direction' as the reasons for the sudden move." [Tampa Tribune]

Local commenting treasure million_dollar_sleeper has launched his own blog! He's pre-ranking, he's talking crazy, he's trading, he's adding and dropping. If you don't get enough MDS around here, now you can visit him in his online lair. [MDS]

Razzball suggests that you scout your league by reviewing last year's draft: "The names on the draft board will change, and so will the trends. But when you’re preparing, looking at how many RBs, WRs, and QBs were gone at each of your pick placements last year, then applying that to current ADPs, positional tiers, and your 2009 draft positions, will leave you much better prepared for what should be there when you’re up." That should only take a moment. [Razzball]

Marco Fujimoto urges you to maximize your games and innings in a two-part column over at THT. I'd like to point out something rather useful, via the Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball rules: "A Public League pitching staff can throw a total of 1250 innings for the season. Once the sum of all innings pitched reaches the 1250 mark, pitchers no longer accumulate stats. All players active on the day a maximum is reached will receive credit for their stats." (Emphasis mine, obviously). On the day that you reach your innings max, you just might find it useful to add a bunch of probable starters. [The Hardball Times]

No one seems to know which part of Wes Welker(notes) is hurting. He's "working hard" to return for the opener, but nobody can say what he's working on. Here's a quote from everyone's favorite PPR play: "It's pretty much team policy that we don't speak about [injuries]," he said, "so all I can say is I'm working hard to get back there as soon as I can." Hope that clears things up for you, fantasy owner. I haven't actually downgraded Welker. I've worried needlessly about too many Patriots over the years. [Providence Journal]


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