NFL Skinny: Week 16 preview

Next Tuesday at this time I'll be nursing a Swedish meatball hangover while, most likey, cursing 21st century toy packaging. In other words, I'll be enjoying Christmas with family and thinking very little about the silliness that is Week 17 – although my highest priority league plays out the season through the final week because, as I like to say, we are loathe to leave meat on the bone. Unfortunately, I was knocked out of that league a couple weeks back (thank you, Andrew Luck). At any rate, this will be the final Skinny of the 2012 season – however, you can still expect the position rankings in Week 17 at their usual time.

I just want to congratulate everyone that is still alive and kicking in what is, for most, their fantasy championship game this weekend. And a hearty thanks to everyone who checked in here regularly this season. Finally, in the words of Neil Diamond, "I wish you all a very, merry, cherry cherry Christmas, and a holly holy holiday, too. Underneath your tree may there always be sounds of harmony, not a song sung blue"

Alright, let's get down to Week 16 business, (slightly altered) Skinny-style:

Total Week 16 green-light plays by position: 7 QB; 13 RB; 13 WR; 8 TE; 5 DST

Note: Numbers in parentheses next to a player's name indicate where he ranks at his position in per game fantasy scoring


Most FPPG allowed (QB): TB; NO; MIN; BUF; WAS

Least FPPG allowed (QB): SEA; ARI; PIT; CHI; NYJ


Most FPPG allowed (RB): NO; JAX; TEN; OAK; BUF

Least FPPG allowed (RB): SF; HOU; CHI; SEA; PIT


Most FPPG allowed (WR): TB; WAS; NO; IND; NYG

Least FPPG allowed (WR): SEA; NYJ; SF; ATL; PIT


Most FPPG allowed (TE): DEN; WAS; TEN; NE; HOU

Least FPPG allowed (TE): CLE; PIT; GB; SD; BAL


Most FPPG allowed (DST): PHI; ARI; DET; KC; TEN

Least FPPG allowed (DST): NE; WAS; HOU; NYG; ATL


Atlanta 30, Detroit 27
New England 34, Jacksonville 17
Houston 27, Minnesota 19
Pittsburgh 24, Cincinnati 22
Miami 24, Buffalo 20
Tampa Bay 25, St. Louis 21
San Diego 20, NY Jets 18
Carolina 31, Oakland 24
Washington 27, Philadelphia 23
Green Bay 28, Tennessee 14
Dallas 27, New Orleans 24
Indianapolis 24, Kansas City 16
Denver 29, Cleveland 13
Baltimore 28, NY Giants 27
Chicago 20, Arizona 12
San Francisco 25, Seattle 24