What’s next for Michael Phelps? Fantasy football, that’s what

Michael Phelps has achieved everything an athlete could ever hope to, what with the record Olympic medal count, the unrivaled dominance of his sport, and endorsement possibilities queuing up. He's been as successful in his chosen field as anyone has ever been, at anything. He's ridiculous.

A guy like that should be completely unrelatable. But Phelps is actually a lot like the rest of us in many ways — except that he's less-ready to draft his fantasy team.

Phelps' league is drafting in a couple weeks — nice of them to work around his schedule — and, for whatever reason, he's not adequately prepared. Check his recent comments via USA Today...

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I suppose you have to appreciate the fact that Phelps isn't using the "I was busy winning gold medals" thing as an excuse for his lack of prep, because that really wouldn't fly. I mean ... we've all been busy doing something. We all have responsibilities.

Phelps can't be the only dude in his league who has to occasionally travel for work. But do you hear his buddy Ted crying to the media about how he's had a million vendor visits this quarter, so he couldn't buy a fantasy magazine or check out any preseason ranks online?

No, you don't. And do you know why that is? Because Ted takes care of his fantasy business, like a responsible owner.

Look, the next month or so is pretty hectic for me — I'm an accredited fantasy expert, this is draft season. Many commitments, lots to do. But I think I speak for the entire Yahoo! fantasy staff when I say that we're willing to help you get ready for this draft, Michael Phelps. Get at us on Twitter, maybe. Two weeks isn't much time to work with, so let's get to it. We're not miracle workers, but we do have a respectable track record. You seem like a man who might just draft six Ravens if no one intervenes.

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