What news of broken (and/or violent) Red Sox?

We need to tie up a few threads that were left dangling in last night's Closing Time.

First of all, the suspensions. This is just in from the Boston Globe:

Three Red Sox players have been suspended by Major League Baseball for their roles in last night's brawl against the Tampa Bay Rays. Coco Crisp has been suspended for 7 games, Jon Lester for 5 games, and Sean Casey for 3 games.

No huge surprises there. Apparently Casey took some liberties with James Shields at the bottom of a very large pileup.

It's worse for the Rays and their fantasy owners:

James Shields was suspended for six games, Jonny Gomes and Edwin Jackson for five each, Carl Crawford for four games and Akinori Iwamura for three.

If somehow this results in Evan Longoria gaining shortstop eligibility, it will all be worth it. For me.

Jacoby Ellsbury's wrist injury does not sound as serious as first feared, and the Globe's Gordon Edes reports that he could be available to pinch-run. Manny Ramirez tweaked a knee and he's not expected to appear in Friday's lineup, but this shouldn't be a lingering problem:

“Everything’s good,” he said of the knee. “Just kind of sore. It’s just going to be one day. I’m going to test it during BP.”

That's a total of 10 players who will miss time as a result of Thursday's Rays-Red Sox tilt, for those scoring at home.

In other Red Sox injury news, David Ortiz's outlook is promising according to the Boston Herald:

Dr. Thomas Graham, who is collaborating with the Red Sox on the treatment of David Ortiz, has examined the slugger’s MRI results.

Graham believes there is a “high percentage chance” that Ortiz will be able to avoid surgery and that he should be able to return to action and perform at the level of an elite athlete.

There's no specific timetable just yet, but "healing in a month's time...is likely a best-case scenario."

Curt Schilling took an important step in his rehab on Wednesday, throwing 25 fastballs off a mound.

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