'My name is Freese. Learn it well, for it is the chilling sound of your corner infielder'


The latest news on Troy Glaus is definitely not encouraging. This from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Once hopeful of a return in April, the Cardinals now say they will be without third baseman Troy Glaus for more than the season's first two months and can not guarantee his return before the All-Star break.

"At this point, from everything that's been discussed, I don't think we have any real idea when we might get him back," general manager John Mozeliak said.

He's rehabbing from "a procedure to smooth down and clean a stretched subscapularis." Hope that clears things up. (Fellas, if you don't keep your subscapularis clean, you're just asking for trouble). The Post-Dispatch suggests that Glaus won't begin a minor league assignment before June 1. If you've got an open DL spot, by all means use it. Those shouldn't go to waste. But don't count on Glaus anytime soon.

David Freese is the player likely to benefit from the opening at third. He's entering his age-26 season, so he's about 12 years too young by La Russa's standards. Freese clearly has power, though. He hit 29 doubles and 26 homers in 510 plate appearances at Triple-A last year, and that was after skipping Double-A completely. Freese has also had a nice spring (.350/.357/.500) after missing time with an Achilles issue early in camp.

He's not generally regarded as an elite prospect, but his glove is just fine, and the power puts him on the map in NL-only leagues. Add him in the largest mixed leagues if there's a CI spot to fill.

OK, this is the part where you tell us not to blog about young, un-owned players...


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