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Chris Bosh finished his last year in Toronto as the 12th most valuable fantasy player, but he clocked in at 41st and 43rd over his first two seasons in Miami. This year, he’s rejoined the elite, currently sitting at No. 15. He’s done so despite averaging the fewest mpg, rpg and apg since wearing a Heat uniform. Bosh is also shooting the fewest field goals per game since his rookie season, yet he’s attempting the most 3-pointers per game ever (hitting an ugly 25.0 percent clip), but he’s somehow posting the best FG percentage (54.8) of his career. Go figure. His Usage Rate (23.24) is also the lowest since he joined Miami, but the move to center appears to have been a real benefit, as he’s made a whopping 75.9 percent of his shots from the rim and has blocked 1.3 shots per game, which is his most since 2006/07. While Bosh’s success at the rim may regress some, he should also shoot fewer three-pointers moving forward, and his strong FT shooting and lack of turnovers will keep him plenty valuable, even if he’s sharing the court with two teammates who rank in the top-15 in Usage Rate. While the Heat’s Defensive Efficiency has gone from fourth best in the NBA last season to 15th this year, Bosh’s move to center appears to have really helped his fantasy value.

Here’s Gerald Henderson delivering a monster dunk that Dwight Howard wanted no part of.

Kendrick Perkins with the best follow through of the year.

Paul Pierce is 35 years old and has appeared in 1,180 games (including the playoffs) in his career, yet he continues to play at a high level. After a huge game Wednesday in which he scored 40 points on 13-of-16 shooting from the floor, including 6-of-7 from downtown to go along with a perfect 8-of-8 from the line, he’s now averaging 20.4 ppg, 5.5 rpg and 3.6 apg for the season. While both of his shooting percentages are a bit down, Pierce’s 1.6 spg are his most since 2004/05, and his 1.9 3pt is his third-highest mark of his 15-year career. The Celtics lost Ray Allen during the offseason but added Jason Terry, and it was expected Rajon Rondo would become a bigger part of the offense, and that’s before mentioning the return of Jeff Green along with the influx of rookies like Jared Sullinger. But instead of Pierce’s role in the offense declining it’s actually increased, as his 15.0 field goal attempts per game are his most since 2006/07. In fact, his Usage Rate (28.36) is the 11th highest in the NBA, just below Kevin Durant and ahead of James Harden and Dwyane Wade. Pierce is currently the 20th ranked player in 9-cat leagues, which is pretty impressive for someone his age and with his mileage.

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Intentionally missing a free throw with a two-point lead apparently isn’t always the best way to go.

Over his last three games, Monta Ellis has shot 25.5 percent from the floor (13-for-51), including a 1-for-14 effort Wednesday. He’s hitting 20.0 percent of his three-point attempts (16-for-80) on the season, which is the lowest among all qualified players, and Ellis is shooting a healthy 3.3 threes per game. I drafted him in the Yahoo! Friends & Family league and have always liked Ellis, but it’s also hard not to recognize Golden State’s success with him now gone, especially when you consider Andrew Bogut has been anything but a capable replacement. Still, Ellis’ poor defense aside, fantasy owners should probably remain patient, as his 5.2 attempts at the rim per game are tied for the fourth most among all guards, so assuming his outside shot regresses to his career norm, an improvement in his FG percentage should follow. Still, for someone who seems like such an asset (even ignoring real life defense), Ellis’ shortcomings have him as barely a top-100 fantasy player in 9-cat leagues so far this year.

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After averaging 10.0 ppg and 10.4 rpg two years ago and 13.8 ppg and 11.0 rpg last season, Kris Humphries is getting 7.1 ppg and 7.4 rpg so far in 2012/13. After being benched for Reggie Evans over a five-game span, he rejoined the starting lineup over the past two games, although with mixed results (he totaled 20 boards over that span but went scoreless in his last game). It shouldn’t come as a huge shock Humphries has been a disappointment, since he didn’t become fantasy relevant until his eighth year in the league, but with his contract, it’s at least moderately surprising his playing time has been decreased to such a degree, although along with Evans, Andray Blatche also provides a team with playoff aspirations yet another option at power forward. Humphries’ Total Rebound Rate (18.5) is actually better than last year’s (18.3) and well above league average (10.0), so it’s mostly been a playing time issue.

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After joining the starting lineup in New York last year, Jeremy Lin averaged 18.2 ppg, 3.7 rpg, 7.7 apg, 2.0 spg, and 1.0 3pt. He also committed 4.7 turnovers per game while attempting 13.8 field goals and shooting 44.5 percent from the field. Seeing similar playing time on a new team after signing a big contract with Houston, he’s averaged 11.6 ppg, 3.9 rpg, 6.0 apg, 1.8 spg and 0.8 3pt this season. The biggest difference has been in scoring, as someone who thrived in isolation last year has had to really adjust his game now ceding most of those opportunities to James Harden. When the team inked Lin to a big deal, they had no idea at the time they’d soon trade for Harden, as those two aren’t an ideal fit having similar games. At least Lin’s turnover rate has gone way down (2.7 per game), although it’s still a negative. He’s adjusting to a new system and continuing to recover from knee surgery, so it’s safe to expect Lin to improve moving forward, even if he never quite regains his “Linsanity” when he first burst onto the scene last year.

The funny thing about Tony Parker pump faking at the free throw line is that the ref involved right under the hoop is the same one who blocked Kris Humphries’ FT attempt last week.

After leading the NBA with 6.9 3pt attempts last year, Ryan Anderson is attempting the most three-pointers per game (8.2) this season since Ray Allen (8.4) in 2005/06. There was some concern about Anderson not being able to match last year’s fantasy production (when he finished as the eighth most valuable player in 9-cat leagues), as he was not only changing franchises (sometimes a risky proposition for someone not exactly perceived as a star) but could possibly suffer from no longer having the benefit of playing with Dwight Howard. After starting every game last season, Anderson has come off the bench a third of the time this year, and that likely would have been even more if not for Anthony Davis’ injuries. Still, bench role or not, his overall minutes have remained the same with his new team, and he’s clearly been given the green light in New Orleans. Moreover, his 40.8 percentage from downtown (even after an 0-for-8 performance Wednesday) suggests the loss of Howard hasn’t affected him at all. It’s possible he starts seeing a bit less playing time if Davis stays healthy from here on out, but Anderson’s Usage Rate is actually higher this year compared to last, so it’s safe to expect a continued barrage of threes. Anderson has proven to be quite obviously a fantastic player regardless of situation/teammates. He’s currently the 13th most valuable fantasy asset, ahead of even Russell Westbrook.

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Kyle Korver, who deserves praise for just having a game in which he hit three 3-pointers, recorded four steals and blocked three shots, has somehow had more value in 9-cat leagues this year than Blake Griffin, Rudy Gay, Jrue Holiday, Al Horford, Paul Millsap and Deron Williams. All fantasy sports are unpredictable - there’s no question about that – but basketball might have the biggest disconnect among (at least perceived) real life value versus fantasy value. I mean, this admittedly quick and dirty example isn’t even factoring in defense. The Ashton Kutcher lookalike is averaging 10.6 ppg, 3.7 rpg and 1.6 apg, with a PER (13.91) that’s actually slightly below league average – again, a big disconnect compared to the fantasy value he’s provided so far. Korver has scored 20 points just once this season, and he’s yet to grab more than seven boards or pass out more than three assists in a game this year. Pretty crazy.

This Year in Unnecessary Censorship.

Quick Hits: Dwyane Wade has attempted 5.2 shots at the rim per game this season – the fifth most among guards, making 77.4 percent of them. Al Horford is the only player in the NBA to attempt more (5.8) and shoot a higher percentage (82.6)…Conversely, Dion Waiters is shooting 41.2 percent at the rim on 4.0 attempts per game. The attempts are tied for the 17th most among all guards, yet his shooting there is well below their average of 60.9 percent, possibly revealing quite a bit of upside moving forward once that regresses…Both Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant rank in the top-10 in Usage Rate…JaVale McGee currently has the seventh highest PER in the NBA. JaVale McGee! Actually, Andray Blatche has the eighth highest. You can’t make this stuff up…Michael Beasley has the 25th highest Usage Rate in the league. His 10.8 ppg ranks 100th. That’s not exactly efficient…While I spoke earlier of real life value sometimes being far off fantasy, it’s also worth mentioning the counters, as Rajon Rondo, who ranked 170, 102, 62, 37, 62 and 96 in fantasy value over his first six years in the league, currently comes in at 33. The same could be said for Blake Griffin, who ranked 83 and 80 over his first two years despite looking like a star. He’s now top-50 in fantasy value so far this season.

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