MLB Over/Under: Will ‘Flash’ Gordon bolt his way into the record books?

King of thieves Dee Gordon, who is on a near 100-steal pace, rest of season swipes 69.5

Brad – OVER. He's reduced Ks, made solid contact and maximized his speed by increasing balls hit on the ground, all positive signs he'll maintain a strong on-base percentage and earning many base-stealing opportunities. As long as he continues to find the gaps as the leadoff man (.311 BA in that role), he'll flirt with 100 steals.

Brandon – UNDER. He's built like a twig, so you have to worry about him staying healthy all season while running so much. And we are talking Vince Coleman and Rickey Henderson levels for the over here. I'm not ready to put Gordon in that company because of a hot month and a half.

Scott – OVER. I'm completely locked out of this one, which depresses me. Baby Flash is making good contact, chasing less, hitting plenty of line drives. Sure looks legit to me. And we always knew he could run.

Ubaldo Jimenez, who has surrendered just one earned in his past 19.2 innings pitched, rest of season ERA 3.99

Brandon – OVER. Despite his recent run of success, he's still above this O/U number. And in recent years, the second half has been less than kind to Ubaldo.

Scott – OVER, easy. In that park, in that division? Weather warms, ball flies, duck while you still can. I'd tell you to sell, but I doubt you can find an interested buyer.

Dalton – OVER. Jimenez's average fastball velocity has dropped for the fourth straight season, currently sitting at a career low 90.3 mph. I don't have much confidence in an AL East pitcher currently sporting a 6.9 SwStr% to go along with a 10.8 BB%, to say the least.

His sub-.230 BA is rather hideous, but Colby Rasmus is on pace to establish career bests in homers, RBI and runs. Combined long-balls and RBI rest of season 64.5.

Scott – I might have said OVER if he were healthy, but now we have an easy cop-out. This is a fun offense, though. Do not throw your borderline arms into this alligator pit. Don't mess with the YYZ.

Dalton – UNDER. Rasmus is now looking at a DL stint, so this became kind of a no brainer as a result.

Andy – Not once in my life have I considered a player in terms of HR+RBIs. Is that even a thing? Weird. I'm gonna say he hits 11 homers and drives in 50 runs, so, um ... UNDER.

Which rented starter deserves to graduate from the stream ranks: Bronson Arroyo, Drew Pomeranz or Dallas Keuchel?

Dalton – POMERANZ. He's a former top-five overall pick now pitching for an A's organization who's turned Jesse Chavez into an elite fantasy option. Pomeranz has a 10.6 SwStr% this year, so he's become interesting.

Andy – NONE. Next...

(OK, maybe I can see owning and spot-starting Pomeranz, but the other two aren't particularly interesting in mixers.)

Brandon – NONE. Arroyo is a known quantity — he is what he is. Keuchel's past, especially the low K numbers, makes him really hard to buy into. Pomeranz has some intrigue because he has a solid pedigree and the A's always work magic with their staff. But I'm not ready to make the long play on him just yet either.

Ian Desmond, cranking out an unsavory amount of donuts, rest of season BA .259.

Andy – OVER. This is a 28-year-old with an excellent track record and a .270 career average (.280 last year, .292 the year before). It's not as if he'd never had K issues.

Brandon – OVER. He may not get his final season BA above this mark, but I think he hits above a .259 clip the rest of the way. He needs to cut down on the strikeouts a bit and find some better luck (his BABIP is 36 points below his career average), but considering he's hit .280 or better each of the past two years, this is obviously very doable.

Scott – OVER, though he's worrying me a little bit with all those ground balls. But I've been a Desmond sympathizer from Day 1.

What once buzzy NL outfielder now mired in a deep freeze will heat up first: Jayson Heyward or Khris Davis?

Brad – DAVIS. His .170 ISO is very uncharacteristic. Over several minor league stops and his 56-game stint with the Brew Crew last season, he posted an ISO well above .210. His lack of walks (2.0 BB%) is troubling, but don't be surprised if he starts blasting long-balls in bunches. His natural raw power won't be kept under wraps forever. An additional 17-20 homers are likely. Stay the course.

Brandon – HEYWARD. For his career, Heyward has struggled in April and May, but his batting average jumps up about 50 points in June. At least Heyward is stealing bases (6) to help make up for the offensive woes. His BABIP is very low (.248). I expect some luck to come his way very soon.

Scott – HEYWARD has a pedigree, while everything about Davis screams paper mache. Heyward's dealing with an unlucky hit rate and while his contact clip is down, it hasn't cratered. I'm staying the course.

C.J. Cron, who is taking advantage of at-bats over petrified wood Raul Ibanez, rest of season homers 14.5

Scott – UNDER. I don't trust Mike Scioscia, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Where's the Dugout Wizard when you need him?

Andy – OVER. He's a legit power prospect who won't pile up Ks. Ibanez is like 55 years old, appears to be cooked.

Dalton – UNDER. I wouldn't exactly be shocked if he hits more, but I've learned my lesson when it comes to relying on minor league numbers with Angels hitters. The safer bet here is under, and that's not even accounting for him staying healthy and maintaining regular playing time.

Embattled Orioles closer Tommy Hunter, tagged for eight earned runs in his past four appearances, date he is removed from the closer’s gig May 31

Andy – UNDER. By the time this post is published, he may have already lost his job.

Dalton – UNDER. I recommended picking up Zach Britton nearly a week ago. Not that I don't also get plenty wrong, this just felt like a good time to highlight a rarity I may have been lucky.

Brandon – UNDER. He never really made sense to me as a closer candidate to begin with. That he already has his back to the wall is not surprising.

Mark Teixeira, quietly undergoing a revival in the Bronx, rest of season RBI 59.5

Dalton – OVER. For all his health issues and BA drain thanks to recent shifts, before last year, Teixeria hadn't finished with fewer than 84 RBI during any season in his career. Ever! That's pretty crazy.

Brandon – UNDER. I don't have much faith in his ability to hold up for a full season — he's currently experiencing tightness in his groin. At some point, I'm expecting an extended DL stint to derail things.

Scott – UNDER. I'm betting on the shift (that stupid shift) and I'm betting against the supporting cast here.

Mining the wire. Pick one under-owned batter (30-percent owned or less): Juan Francisco, Mike Olt, Junior Lake or A.J. Pollock?

Brandon – POLLOCK. I like Pollock's fantasy profile, a 15/15 type that can hit for a serviceable average. And Arizona is a nice place for an offensive player to play his home games. I believe in Pollock's staying power more than the others.

Scott – With Rasmus dinged up, I'll fall for FRANCISCO again. And I'll regret it in June, probably. What, you expected me to endorse a Cub?

Andy – POLLOCK, easy. Olt and Lake aren't quite full-timers, and we know Francisco is gonna fade. I've seen that act before.

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