MLB Over/Under: Will the Cano power crash continue?

Robinson Cano, who has contributed sensational numbers in BA, RBI and runs, but has greatly underwhelmed in homers, rest of season long balls 14.5

Brandon – OVER. He's hit 25-plus in each of the past five seasons. And he's shown a tendency in that span to go on HR binges as opposed to a nice even distribution across the season. As the weather heats up, I don't think he's going to have a problem reaching at least 20 home runs.

Scott – UNDER. Grounders up, line drives down, obviously the park is no help.

Andy – UNDER, because ... well, because only two home runs to date, plus the elevated ground-ball percentage. Fifteen homers over the final four months is possible, sure, but it no longer seems likely.

Animal communicator and current A's closer Sean Doolittle, who hasn't allowed a run this month and has converted three consecutive saves, rest of season end-game handshakes 17.5

Scott – I'm OVER the moon for Doolittle, as you probably know. Awesome facial hair, dominant against lefties and righties, always around the zone. Full-season story.

Andy – OVER. Sadly for this Jim Johnson owner (*thwacks head against desk*), Doolittle has run away with the job.

Dalton – OVER. He has a 30:1 K:BB ratio on the year and a top-10 WHIP among all relievers since entering the league in 2012. The A's have the best run differential in baseball, so plenty of save opportunities should be in store.

Hot waiver commodity Dallas Keuchel, who's yielded just four earned in his past 25.1 innings pitched, rest of season ERA 3.89

Brad – UNDER. His past numbers don't paint a pretty picture, but his outstanding 4.58 K:BB and 3.42 GB:FB ratios say to keep an open mind.

Andy – OVER. Heck, his career minor league ERA is barely under this number. Hope you've enjoyed the ride; I'm not expecting it to last the full year.

Dalton – UNDER. His xFIP (2.67) is the fifth best among all starters! We are still talking about a nine-game sample though, and he's never been any good beforehand, so I could go either way on this. But considering his 17.8 K-BB% and 11.6 SwStr%, his 2014 numbers sure don't look like a fluke.

Stephen Drew, recently plucked off the street by Boston to play shortstop regularly, rest of season rank at the position 14.5

Dalton – UNDER. This seems about right, and for what it's worth, Drew fell just one plate appearance shy last year, but had he qualified, his .777 OPS would have ranked fourth best among all shortstops.

Brandon – OVER. As a general rule, I almost always bet against a Drew, and that's served me well through the years.

Scott – UNDER, only because it's such a thin position. But I wish the Red Sox would stop signing Drews.

On the panic scale (1-10) with 10 being dig a backyard bunker, where does Homer Bailey and his 5.44 ERA currently stand?

Brandon – FOUR. Strikeouts down, walks up, that's not good. But he has given up more home runs (9) than you'd expect for a guy inducing 50 percent grounders. The HR/FB should normalize, and we should see at least a return of the mid-3 ERA pitcher from last season.

Andy – TWO, I'll say. The velocity is fine, plus the Ks have still been there. His luck hasn't been the greatest, but many of the underlying numbers are just fine.

Scott – Andy has the right number, call it a deuce. Just a slight drop in strikeout rate and swinging-strike rate. Unless you can show me evidence that he might be hurt (and the radar gun denies it), be patient with a proven pitcher.

Overlooked outfielder A.J. Pollock, quietly on a near 20-20 pace, combined rest of season homers and steals 28.5

Scott – UNDER, because it doesn't seem like Snakes are fully invested in Pollock yet. Then again, maybe a new manager would sing a different tune – I don't expect Kirk Gibson to last the full season.

Andy – I'll say UNDER, because he's not so far ahead of this pace that he could get there if he suffers an injury. But Pollock has been, and will continue to be, extremely useful. He has my full endorsement.

Brad – UNDER. He's an underrated commodity who should continue to churn out reliable across-the-board production, but I feel he falls just short of the proposed number. Think of him more as a 15-15 guy.

Juan Francisco, who's superb power numbers have masked defensive miscues, rest of season at-bats 279.5

Andy – UNDER. I've seen this show a time or two. No thanks. He'll be someone else's success story, if he keeps hitting.

Dalton – UNDER. His career high in ABs came last season, with 348. He's hitting better than ever this year, but reaching this mark would require him to stay healthy, and this is still someone who currently has a .091/.125/.227 line against southpaws.

Brandon – UNDER. He's not going to see ABs against lefties, and he's not much ahead of this O/U pace if you project a similar AB pace for him going forward. So, you'd have to bet that defense or injury won't undercut him at any point the rest of the way, and that's a bet I'd rather not make.

Less than 50-percent owned Dexter Fowler, who's racked up the runs of late, rest of season plate-stomps 48.5

Dalton – OVER. He's on pace to score 91 runs, as despite leaving Coors Field, Fowler's .375 OBP is a career high. He's walking more than ever and striking out less than ever, so it doesn't seem like a huge fluke.

Brandon – OVER. This is basically a 12 runs per month pace going forward, and he's reached at least that number in each of his first two months.

Scott – UNDER, because I don't trust his supporting cast. Still, Fowler isn't a bad OF 3-4.

Punchout Picasso Jake Odorizzi, who's fanned 52 in 43.1 innings pitched this year, rest of season strikeouts 119.5

Brandon – UNDER. He allows a lot of base runners (1.59 WHIP), which hasn't allowed him to pitch more than six innings in any outing this season - he's ranked 131st with an average of 4.8 innings per start. I think the inability to pitch deeper in games will hurt his chances here.

Scott – OVER. Life under the catwalk. Major spike in swinging strikes.

Andy – Hmm. Good number, Brad. Well done. I'll say OVER, just slightly. I'm a believer.

Market Watch. Dominic Brown, who broke out in a big way last season, but has struggled mightily through two months, strong buy, moderate buy, hold, moderate sell or strong sell?

Scott – Go out and pitch it, pitchers. SELL. Why is he ranked ahead of Michael Brantley in some markets? Ah, it's a nutty game.

Andy – Didn't draft him, don't want him. IGNORE.

Dalton – Please SELL if there are still believers out there. Brown hits a ton of groundballs (1.70 GB/FB ratio), and when he does get it in the air, his HR/FB% (7.5) is somehow lower than his IFFB% (12.5). That's not a great combination.

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