MLB Over/Under: Will the Grady train keep rolling?

Grady Sizemore, a man who would probably break a nose wrestling a Jello-O mold, total 2014 at-bats 449.5.

Andy – UNDER, but we're all just guessing. It's obviously a fun story, and I don't really want to trample on it. I'd expect the Red Sox to give Grady plenty of rest, plus he's always been a walker — when he draws a BB, no official at-bat.

Dalton – UNDER. I'm rooting for Sizemore and love the story, but he hasn't topped this amount since 2008. I hope I'm wrong, but it's pretty safe to expect Sizemore to fall well short of this number.

Scott – Fine, there's no Santa Claus. I have to go UNDER, too. There's too much injury history, and the Red Sox will rest him more liberally than the typical regular. 

Emilio Bonifacio, who's an amazing 11-for-16 on the very young season, 74.5 total runs.

Andy –UNDER, because this team is not going to be in the business of scoring runs. I do, however, think Bonifacio will be hitting lead-off a ton. He'll have value, no question.

Dalton – UNDER. He's only scored 75 runs once, and that was when he set a career high of 78 back in 2011. I do think Bonifacio steals 35+ bases, but a lack of regular playing time (not to mention a career .324 OBP) ultimately means he fails to score 75 runs in 2014. He'll come close though.

Brad – OVER. No doubt runs will be a premium for the Cubs, but 75 runs even on an underachieving team are quite attainable. He's a solid-contact (80.9 career CT%), multi-positional threat who should provide juice in two categories (runs, SBs).

Scott – They didn't even ask me (ha ha), but I'm busting in and saying OVER. The 2011 season happened, amigos. And this silly run to start the year does one key thing: it marks Bonifacio's place in the lineup, at least for a while.  

Justin Smoak, who’s already knocked in six guys this season, 74.5 total RBIs.

Dalton – OVER. Smoak could totally break out at age 27 and approach 100 RBI, but even if he doesn't, he's currently batting cleanup behind Robinson Cano and Brad Miller, so he's going to have plenty of RBI opportunities regardless. He's rightfully been the most popular pick up in Yahoo leagues over the first week of the season.

Brad – UNDER. Seattle management has encouraged a more contact-heavy approach with Smoak which they hope will translate into fewer homers and more extra-base hits. The Mariners' lineup is loaded, but it's doubtful he eclipses 70. In the recent past, he's been prone to long, demoralizing droughts.

Scott – OVER. I want to buy in on the mechanical changes he's made from the right side, and the Mariners lineup in general has me excited. The batting slot plays nicely. Mmmm, post-hype sleepers. 

Closer carousel. Who has more saves by end-of-season: Matt Lindstrom, Francisco Rodriguez or Jose Valverde?

Brad – VALVERDE. Though he's been blasted a few times in recent years, his velocity hasn't rapidly deteriorated. He'll have a fairly long leash with Parnell a possible Tommy John candidate. It would be no shock if he finished with 20-plus saves.

Scott – It's not K-Rod, they want Henderson back in the saddle. A weak vote to VALVERDE, though I will mention Nate Jones looks completely broken in Chicago (I just don't have any faith in Lindstrom). 

Andy – VALVERDE, probably by 8-10 saves. K-Rod may not have the ninth at the end of April. And Lindstrom is such a WHIP-killer.

Alex Wood, who was brilliant in his inaugural start, final rank among pitchers 29.5.

Andy – UNDER, by which I mean I think he'll be great. I've got a few shares. His possible IP limit is really the only issue.

Dalton – UNDER. There's some concern about his funky delivery, but there's little doubting his results so far. Wood sure looks like the real deal, and I'd treat him as a top-30 fantasy starter right now.

Scott – UNDER. We're all endorsing Trident. Doesn't he remind you of Chris Sale? Look around the NL East, it's a cushy spot to pitch. 

Brandon Belt, who's already gone yard thrice this season, rest of season long-balls 22.5.

Andy – UNDER. He's fine, a valuable commodity. But you didn't draft him for power. I don't think he'll finish with 25 bombs.

Dalton – OVER. Playing in AT&T Park will make this difficult, but ever since Belt changed his stance last year, he's been an entirely different hitter (he hit .326/.390/.525 after the All-Star break last season). Despite playing in a park that kills power for left handers, 25 home runs are within reach for Belt in 2014.

Brad – OVER. His tighter mechanics should allow him to pull the ball with more vim and vigor. His home ballpark is a limitation, but about to turn 26, this could finally be his breakout power year.

Billy Hamilton, who donned a golden sombrero in his first game (and a collar in his second), rest of season at-bats 499.5.

Dalton – OVER. There's no questioning how lost he looked in the first game, but Adam Wainwright has made many batters look foolish. Hamilton is terrific defensively at an important position in which Cincy has few alternatives. He's going to be given a long leash, although how long he lasts in the leadoff spot is certainly up for debate.

Brad – UNDER. Hamilton struggled at times making contact at Triple-A a season ago and exhibited a weak eye, evident in his 8.6 BB%. Unless he drag bunts defenses to death, he could wind up a role player sooner rather than later. Still, even as an occasional pinch runner he should steal 50-plus bags with ease.

Scott – UNDER, but it's not an easy call. Can you remember any player with a wider range of outcomes? I'm glad I have Hamilton on just one team, he scares the bejeezus out of me. 

Clayton Kershaw, battling a troublesome back injury for the next 2-3 weeks, total starts on the season 26.5

Brad – UNDER. When healthy he's unrivaled among fantasy pitchers, but back injuries tend to linger. Hopefully you didn't slap the wallet too hard for his services.

Scott – OVER. Kershaw's taken good care of his body, and at least the injury isn't related to his arm, shoulder, or elbow. 

Andy – Oh, man, good number. I'll go UNDER, by 0.5. Don't be a panic-seller with Kershaw. He's tremendous. The Dodgers are playing it smart right now.

Free-agent grab bag. Pick one: Casey McGehee, Chris Owings or Dustin Ackley?

Andy – ACKLEY for me. I've always been a believer in the talent, and it's hard not to like his positional flexibility. (Casey McGehee? He should really feel lucky to find his way into this question.)

Dalton – OWINGS. He's ran away with the SS job in Arizona despite an inferior glove, as his bat looks legit. Owings has the benefit of playing in a home park that has boosted runs by 10 percent over the past three years, which is the third most in major league baseball.

Scott – ACKLEY. Chase the pedigree, acknowledge what he did in his first season, and fear the Ms (well, respect the Ms). 

Strikeout showdown. Who finishes with more punch-outs: Martin Perez, Nathan Eovaldi, Erasmo Ramirez?

Andy – PEREZ, but it's close with Erasmo. Really enjoyed watching his no-walk, 6-K start on Tuesday.

Dalton – EOVALDI. The bet here is that his stuff finally results in more strikeouts. Had Eovaldi qualified, his average fastball velocity (96.2 mph) would have led all starters last season, and his slider (86.3) would have ranked sixth.

Scott – EOVALDI, for the league, for the park, and for the hope that his secondary stuff will keep improving.

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