Let's try to offer hope to 'Skins fans


Yesterday, Washington was not quite ready to be on TV.

If you're looking for a single play to summarize the night, try this one via the Yahoo! boxscore:

3rd-17, NYG47 2:20 J. Campbell passed to S. Moss to the right for 4 yard gain

On third and long, trailing by nine with 2:20 remaining in the fourth quarter, they threw very short to a thoroughly covered receiver, apparently hoping for something miraculous to happen.

Here's Jim Zorn:

"My first game was very frustrating ... We just looked so poor, ourselves, offensively."

Indeed. And it was a total team effort. The play-calling was silly, Jason Campbell seemed indecisive, and the Giants owned the trenches. Santana Moss scored Washington's only touchdown, but he also dropped passes. All things considered, it wasn't a great way to open the season.

But there's no sense piling on. If you owned any of the skill position players involved in that mess, you can't be feeling great today. After much thought, we've come up with a few reasons for Redskins fans to remain hope--

Well, OK, no. Redskins fans should not remain hopeful. But here are a few things that weren't totally (expletive) last night:

1) Antwaan Randle El caught seven passes for 73 years, despite the broken hand.

2) Clinton Portis somehow managed to rush for 84 yards, even though various Giants routinely met him in the backfield.

3) London Fletcher was outstanding, finishing with 12 solo tackles.

4) Fred Smoot's injury (hip pointer) doesn't sound nearly as serious as it looked.

5) Sure, Chris Cooley only had one reception for seven yards. But he also had an 18-yard catch negated by a penalty, so at least he tried to give you two fantasy points.





(expression turns placid, far-off, undisturbed, Zorn-ish)



Yeah, OK, there is no sixth reason. If you can think of anything else that went well, please share.


Photo via AP