For Kershaw lovers only

Clayton Kershaw picked a bad time to get hit. The 20-year-old Dodgers prospect allowed five runs in 3.1 innings on Monday, which raised his minor league ERA from 1.08 to a still-brilliant 2.21.

He hadn't allowed an earned run in 19.1 innings prior to that effort, but it sounds like that was enough to delay a promotion:

Kershaw was inserted back into the rotation for Double-A Jacksonville on Monday night, which would put him on a five-day schedule to start Saturday for the Dodgers in Anaheim. But he was pushed around by Mobile, charged with five runs on five hits and two wild pitches in 3 1/3 innings.

"They had him lined up, but he didn't pitch very well," said (Dodgers manager Joe) Torre. "We haven't made the decision, but to me, it's doubtful."

Still, it's only a matter of time.

Through 36.2 innings so far this year, the left-hander has allowed only 28 hits and 11 walks while striking out 40. Much is expected of him. In 14 spring innings, he gave up only eight hits and one run, and he struck out 19. Don't reconsider the use of your waiver priority.

You do have to keep in mind the innings limits imposed by the Dodgers, however. Kershaw is not supposed to exceed 25 innings pitched in any month while in the minors, toward the goal of limiting him to 170 innings for the entire season, including the postseason. These are fine objectives that are somewhat easier to understand if you have him in a dynasty league.

OK, you're now free to discuss...oh, I dunno...perhaps the Yahoo! player pool...


There's an excellent piece on Kershaw at Hardball Times, written by Alex Eisenberg. Also, please enjoy Vin Scully's call of a particularly devastating curve.

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