K-Rod likely done for the year; closing seat open in New York

Last week Francisco Rodriguez failed as a son-in-law. Today, he fails as a fantasy investment.

The Mets announced on Monday that K-Rod needs thumb surgery, and although nothing has specifically been declared, this surely will be the end of his season. The injury apparently came about when he was socking it to his father-in-law last week. The Mets are no juggernaut in 2010 but these aren't the 1962 Mets either – they're just one game below .500. Their saves are just as good as anyone else's, so let's get to work.

Trying to get inside the mind of Jerry Manuel is generally a fool's errand, but we need to speculate on what he might do anyway. Bobby Parnell(notes) makes the most sense to me as Candidate 1; he's been working in the eighth inning, he's right-handed, and he's got respectable, if not overwhelming, numbers (3.68 ERA, 22 strikeouts, six walks over 22 innings).

Pedro Feliciano(notes) and Hisanori Takahashi(notes) are around, but they're both left-handers and have to deal with that bias. Manny Acosta(notes) could get a look, I suppose. Elmer Dessens(notes)? I'm not that desperate yet, but we'll see what Manuel says about this situation later on Monday – or more importantly, how he acts when a ninth-inning league comes about.

Are you pointing and clicking, or just steering clear of Citi Field these days? We can discuss in the comments.

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