Just when you thought it was safe to trust Kyle Farnsworth

We all know the risks with Kyle Farnsworth by now. He's got the kooky glasses and he's a little crazy, like a middle linebacker on the diamond. He's trying to throw heat by you, but what he really wants to do is tackle you, physically intimidate you. Consistency isn't his thing.

Think back to all those years he's torched our ERAs and WHIPs. Chicago 2002, New York 2006, Detroit 2008, Atlanta 2010. The Kyle Farnsworth Self-Immolation Tour: Sold out.

Farnsworth's superb year last season bought some cred, but that doesn't guarantee a thing for the new campaign. This guy is the pi of MLB relievers; don't look for repeats. Maybe he should wear 22/7 on the hill.

The other cleat dropped Tuesday: Tampa Bay beat writer Marc Topkin expects Farnsworth (elbow) to go on the disabled list before the Rays open the season. That puts all of the save vultures into scramble mode. Elbow injuries are not to be trifled with.

Joe Maddon is a creative manager, so the Farnsworth replacement could be almost anyone. The usual suspects are righty Joel Peralta (make him target one) and lefty J.P. Howell. If Maddon feels cocky on a given day, maybe Fernando Rodney and his Change-Up of Death will get a shot. Or you could sing a song about me and Jake McGee.

You know the drill on these things. In the competitve leagues, don't think, just click. Get in there. He who hesitates is lost in the ninth. Chase those handshakes.

Wednesday AM Update: Sticking with the Farnsworth story, here are two interesting quotes from the Tampa Tribune.

Maddon was asked about Farnsworth's injury and the aftermath; he hinted to a closer-by-committee. "If [Farnsworth to the DL], in fact, does happen, we will have to try to figure out the ninth," Maddon said. "I'm not going to proclaim anybody. We will just continue to do what we have done in the past."

"You know how Maddon is, he goes on matchups," Peralta said. "It doesn't mean you're going to throw the ninth inning every night. … I'm assuming I'm probably going to get a chance, so I'm going to be ready for that."

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