Jose Reyes on 2010: 'Be there, it's going to be a show'

To date, I have not managed to own Jose Reyes in any season in which he was helpful. When I acquire him, his hamstrings explode. When I bypass him in favor of more reliable alternatives, he scores 120 runs, steals 60 bases, hits .290, and is generally a paragon of good health and vitality. He has thus far been of no use to me; I have thus far been a plague to him.

Despite this multi-year failure to properly assess Reyes' fantasy value, I'm duty-bound to report the following: He's feeling great. Never better. According to the trainer who's directing Reyes' offseason rehab, "He's 100 percent."

Here are a few additional details, via the New York Post's Kevin Kernan:

Reyes is back in a big way, and confidently told The Post: "I’ll be ready in 2010. Be there, it’s going to be a show." … Reyes started this rehab on crutches 14 weeks ago and has been working five days a week. The other day he ran 90 feet on the track in 3.53 seconds. On the ballfield, the average time to first for a lefty is 4.2 seconds. His running mechanics have changed for the better. He is flexing his right leg more, with his heel inching closer to his backside, making his stride faster and cleaner.

Cleaner, stronger, faster. They have rebuilt him. Here's more:

"I feel great," Reyes said. "Last year I came back too quickly. Everything is in the past. I don’t want to think about it. Now there is no pain. That’s the key. There is nothing to worry about. Everything’s perfect."

That's right: Nothing to worry about. Think not of the past.

In recent action at Mock Draft Central, Reyes' ADP is 22.3. He's typically on the board late in Round 2, available to owners who selected Pujols, Hanley or A-Rod at the top of the draft. How can you resist his charms at that point? You can't, of course. Reyes' fantasy value is entirely tied to his speed, which is obviously tied to the health of his legs, which are, according to him, pain-free and perfect. He enters 2010 at No. 3 in my shortstop ranks, but if the early spring returns match the propaganda, there could be a realignment. And when I start buying shares of Reyes, history demands that you sell.

Hope that clears things up.


Photo via US Presswire