Joining the Rush: Is Weekes No. 1 again?

Kevin Weekes won again Friday.

It was his second win in four games on New Jersey's six-game road trip. He's stopped 60 of the 62 shots he faced against Los Angeles and Columbus. After the game coach Brent Sutter wouldn't rule out going with Weekes again Saturday on Long Island.

Now before we get carried away – for that, skip ahead two paragraphs – it's important to put Weekes' "streak" in perspective. First, the two wins on this trip doubled his season total. Second, he defeated the Kings (29th in scoring) and Blue Jackets (minus Rick Nash, and not exactly a juggernaut when Rick's in there).

Scott Clemmensen hasn't tanked, but his numbers have sagged a bit in January (3-3, 3.03, .896). In 26 starts (more than double his previous career total) he's 16-9 with a 2.40 goals-against.

So we're not ready to anoint Weekes the Devils' No. 1 again – remember, he got the first shot after Martin Brodeur's injury. But the folks on the beat are at least willing to raise the question. From the Star-Ledger:

So who is the Devils' No. 1 goalie now? And will Weekes get the start at Nassau Coliseum Saturday night against the Islanders? "I don't know. I'll think about it on the plane," coach Brent Sutter said. "I thought he played well."

Weekes is four-percent owned. If he starts Saturday against the Islanders he'll probably win. That would make three wins in five games and that's how goalie jobs change hands, particularly when we're just talking about a placeholder. You're not dropping Clemmensen today to add Weekes, but as you'll hear time and again, starting goalies in favorable situations don't grow on trees, so feel free to speculate.

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