Injury added to insult for Philly, as LeSean McCoy is carted off late

With less than two minutes remaining in a game his team trailed by 25 points, Philadelphia's LeSean McCoy sustained a helmet-to-helmet hit, suffering a concussion. McCoy was carted off the field after the play.

Why was he still on the field so late, when the score was 31-6?

"We were trying to catch up and win the game," said Andy Reid.

Yeah, OK. The way things were going on Sunday, Reid's team would have needed a lot more than two minutes to catch up. What a big green steaming mess.

Let's hope for the best with McCoy. He has the concussion protocol ahead, and, at this point in a lost season, there's no obvious reason to rush him back. Bryce Brown is the handcuff, and he's legit (even if his team isn't). Brown carried five times for 35 yards against the 'Skins in Week 11; the Panthers are up next on the schedule, so the match-up shouldn't scare you off.