An important programming note, followed by three semi-actionable bullets

Please consider joining us tonight over at Shutdown Corner, where we plan to liveblog the reawakening of hostilities between the 'Skins and Giants. It should be long as you bring something more than start/sit questions. If that's all you've got, the Week 1 ranks can be found here.

Also, if you have seven minutes to spare -- and since you're parked here on a fantasy blog, you probably do -- we urge you to enjoy the highlights of Chris Cooley's fantasy draft.

Let's just say that I'm totally with Fred Smoot on Matt Ryan and Reggie Bush.

Other notes for your consideration...

Rookie WR DeSean Jackson will start for the Eagles in Week 1 against St. Louis. If you like explosive players with 4.35 speed, give him a test-drive. He's still available in 30 percent of Yahoo! leagues.

Talented Seattle TE John Carlson, also a rookie, will start against Buffalo on Sunday. He's a player of interest, particularly when you consider all those injured Seahawks receivers.

Maurice Morris will get the starting nod at running back, but he's just a small part of a large, uninteresting committee:

At running back, Holmgren said Julius Jones could be the starter next week in the home opener against San Francisco and also will play this week -- as will fullback Leonard Weaver and probably T.J. Duckett and rookie fullback Owen Schmitt.

It's tough to believe the Colts would really allow Devin Hester to return anything against their normally miserable coverage unit, but...

"There are going to be times when you have to kick to him,'' Dungy said. ''And we're going to try to punt well and punt high and make him move around to catch it. We're going to try to make him move to catch the kickoff.

''We certainly don't want to kick it out of bounds on the kickoff, so there's going to be a chance he's going to get the ball."

OK, please offer your best guess at the date of Daunte Culpepper's un-retirement in comments. Bonus points if you can correctly predict when he'll sign with the Bears.


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