Hurry! Play Fantasy Hockey with Roto Arcade

Friday is the final day to start fresh with Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey and let's take advantage of that. I've set up a rotisserie-style league set to draft Friday at 3 pm eastern, and I'm ready for 11 Roto Arcade readers to join me. It will be a league for the active gamer; no transaction limit, daily switches allowed. Here's how you get in:

-- Answer this question, creatively, in 25 words or less: Who is your favorite character from Slap Shot, and why?

-- Give me some brief specs on your fantasy hockey experience. Why would you be a good addition to this league? If you link to your Yahoo fantasy profile/history, it will dramatically increase your chances of getting in.

-- Promise me, in blood, that you'll be there for the draft at 3 pm eastern (assume two full hours). If you get a spot and don't show, you're locked out of the all future Pianow reindeer games.

Got all that? Good. Send an email to Operators standing by.

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