Hey, is it movie night? Do you like when vulgarity is versatile?


If you're looking for fantasy insight, allow me to redirect you here, here, or here.

But if instead you're looking for enthusiastic reviews of Sex Drive -- the film based on this book -- then please read on, friend.

Newsday says...

"...this is a teen comedy with heart and charm"

The Providence Journal calls it...

"...raucous, raunchy and very funny..."

The Miami Herald declares...

"Sean Anders has found the right mix of outlandish and smart humor to make Sex Drive a worthy successor to the long line of teen sex comedies"

The New York Post says...

"It's got an Amish rave, a talking Jean-Claude Van Damme poster and a pudgy teen running maniacally through the cornfields while (a) nude and (b) handcuffed to a brass bed. What else can I say except that it must be seen, possibly more than once?"

There you go. The official position of the Post is that you should see this movie several times.

While it's probably not the ideal link to offer, the most delightful phrase used to describe the film so far can be found in Roger Ebert's review. He calls Sex Drive...

"...an exercise in versatile vulgarity."

So true. This thing is basically the Mark DeRosa of American cinema, except it's funny. If you're sick of inflexible, one-dimensional vulgarity, Sex Drive is clearly your film.

Here's more Ebert:

"Was I offended? I'm way over that. I was startled."

And another blurb:

"Sex Drive has some laughs, to be sure, even a few big ones..."

We'll just cut off the quote right there, because the next word is "but," followed by some other nonsense. Let's simply focus on the fact that Ebert says that Sex Drive has big laughs, OK?

Please consider seeing it tonight, more than once. Here's a free sample:

OK, that's the end of the propaganda. Join us tomorrow for Fantasy Football Live, where your start/sit questions go to die.

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