Here's a picture of something that won't get you suspended

On Monday, NFL disciplinarians sent a strong message to players throughout the league:

It's OK to pummel Cortland Finnegan(notes) just a little, if he's pestering you, and if you're willing to pay a small convenience fee ($25K).

The league reportedly fined Houston receiver Andre Johnson(notes) for his role in Sunday's altercation with Finnegan (and his role, for the record, was "badass.") Johnson managed to avoid suspension for the incident.

This is really a huge break for AJ's fantasy owners, because … well, because I had no idea that you could hit a dude in the face that many times and not get at least a one-game suspension. So Johnson will be eligible to play at Philadelphia on Thursday night. Asante Samuel(notes) should probably remain quiet, maybe focus on his coverage responsibilities.

To his credit, Johnson apologized for the fight after the game (though not to Finnegan specifically). Glad this one is resolved, without the fantasy community being unfairly punished. A win for us all. Unless you're about to face AJ, obviously.


Photo via AP Images

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