We had a better headline, but Michael Vick coughed it up

Stop us if you've heard this one before: Michael Vick can't keep his hands on the football. You want a tasty bagel on a Sunday afternoon, check out the Vick Turnover Factory.

Although the Eagles had the jump on Pittsburgh through the opening 15 minutes at Heinz Field on Sunday — posting almost three times as many total yards, moving the ball fairly easily — Vick's butterfingers killed two promising drives. The first mistake was unforgivable, a fumble at the goal line off a designed draw. Vick added a second fumble on his next scramble, five minutes later. (There was a third Vick fumble that was overturned in the first quarter, albeit on that play Vick was clearly down and there's no reason to tax him for that.)

The downside to Vick's game is well known to all fantasy owners. He entered the week with five fumbles (tied for first in the league) and three lost fumbles (also tied for first). He's padding those stats today. He also had six picks through the first month of the year. And yet the Eagles are also 3-1, and if you watch them on the right day, the offense can look terrific. This is the Jekyll-Hyde of the NFL.

Rookie quarterback Nick Foles is the next Eagles option; while I doubt Andy Reid would ever bench Vick, I can't say it has a zero-percent chance of happening. I also wonder if Vick will be able to withstand the pounding he routinely takes, week-in and week-out; his pocket awareness is spotty at best, and Philadelphia obviously has issues on the offensive line. Vick has just one 16-game season on his resume.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, gamers. Two hands on the ball, please.

(Post-script: As this blog goes to post, Pittsburgh's Rashard Mendenhall jaunts into the end zone from 13 yards out, taking a swing pass — scored as a run — and making a defender miss. Mendy's looked pretty good in his first game back. He also lost a 22-yard run earlier in the half, wiped out because of a formation penalty. One concern: he's running with one hand on the ball at most times; the run he lost from the penalty had "backside strip" written all over it. But otherwise, I like what I see so far from No. 34.)

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