The Gronkening is nigh, gamers

That's right, we believe New England tight end Rob Gronkowski may finally make his 2013 debut against New Orleans on Sunday. He's been sidelined in the early weeks following multiple surgeries (forearm, back).

This from our friends at Pro Football Talk...

We're dealing with the Pats here, so let's not assume a Gronk return until we see the list of Week 6 inactives. Whoever you were using as a fantasy placeholder, keep 'em on your roster for now. And if you were using, say, Jordan Cameron or Orange Julius, maybe update your trade block.

Gronk will likely be on a snap count in his return to action, but he'll nonetheless rank as a high-end fantasy starter. We're talking about a player who's found the end zone 39 times in just 43 career games. You can't reasonably bench a guy with his track record.

With Danny Amendola back in the mix for New England and Gronk on the way (and Shane Vereen getting closer), this Death Star offense will soon be fully operational. I only hope that when the data is analyzed, a weakness can be found.

Still, this terror they've constructed is insignificant next to the power of The Horse.

(Too much? Yeah, sorry.)

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