Good grief, Dez Bryant, that was terrible

On Monday night, Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant established a new career high in receiving yards (105) while having an absolutely horrible, shameful, no-good, nightmarish game.

Bryant had three brutal drops in the Cowboys' 34-18 loss to Chicago, one of which hit him in the face. (On another, he could still be running. Awful). He also ran an incorrect route early in the game, leading to a pick-six. And he committed a killer illegal-shift penalty in the second half.

NFL analysts may choose to focus on Tony Romo's five interceptions (two of which were clearly his fault, two of which clearly weren't), but I cannot get over how poorly Dez just played, how many stats he left on the field. That was just a terrible, flaming disaster of a game.


I have zero shares of Dez this season, so his prime-time bedwetting didn't impact me in a significant way. But I'm sure there are a few thousand Bryant owners out there looking for a place to complain. Or perhaps you're a Romo owner who needed a few of the points that Dez just gave away. Or maybe you're just an angry Dallas fan.

All are welcome here. Consider this post to be your safe house. Feel free to use the comments section below to express ... well, whatever you need to express. You're among friends. If your Week 4 loss was on Dez, let's hear about it.

That was a rough one, cowpoke.

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