Gomez better than advertised, then worse...then dropped

Carlos Gomez is approximately this fast:

That's why you own(ed) him. He's been heavily-dropped today after an 0-for-5 performance on Tuesday with four strikeouts. As of 8:45 AM Central, he'd already been cut in 1200 Yahoo! leagues.

Given his unwillingness to walk and his struggles to hit (.230/.247/.310), it's tough to make the case that he should continue leading-off for a Major League team. He's also exactly the sort of player that you hate to rely on for steals in fantasy leagues, since he's a severe liability in multiple categories.

But that doesn't mean he doesn't have value to someone, somewhere in your league. Nothing is as wildly overvalued in the fantasy community as the stolen base, and Gomez will run with impunity. He does not seem to lack confidence, either:

"When I’m on base, it's like I got one run already," Gomez said. "I can steal second, and then the other team's got problems. I'm on second and it's a groundball, I'll be at home."

Despite the fact that he hasn't visited first base recently, Gomez still leads the A.L. in steals. This guy can be dealt for talent. In recent Yahoo! trades, he's been dealt straight-up for Robinson Cano, and packaged in two-for-ones for Mariano Rivera, Brian Roberts and Ryan Howard. Don't be so quick to just give him away.

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