Giants threaten to make streamers a little too powerful

In seven games, the Giants have hit exactly two home runs.

They're either last or next-to-last in virtually all hitting categories so far. As a team, they're batting .217/.272/.301. They have yet to score more than four runs in a game.

This was yesterday's lineup:

Dave Roberts, LF; Eugenio Velez, 2B; Aaron Rowand, CF; Benjie Molina, C; Fred Lewis, RF; Jose Castillo, 3B; Rich Aurilia, 1B; Brian Bocock, SS; Matt Cain, SP.

The Giants' cleanup hitter is a 33-year-old catcher with a .719 career OPS. He's never hit 20 home runs, and he's never batted .300.


There are other teams struggling to score, of course. The Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers and Rockies surround the Giants at the bottom of the list of baseball's least-productive lineups. But there's clearly hope for those four teams. No such hope exists for San Francisco.

Thus, for fantasy purposes, it's worth taking a look at the starting pitchers who get to face them in the days ahead:

Randy Wolf, April 8; Justin Germano, April 9; Adam Wainwright, April 10; Kyle Lohse, April 11; Todd Wellemeyer, April 12; Brad Thompson, April 13.

There's your add/drop schedule for the rest of the week.

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