Game on! Sunday injury updates, programming notes

Welcome, gamers, to the first Sunday of the 2012 NFL season. LET'S DO THIS THING.

(Pretend I just smacked your face, whacked your shoulder pads, barked like a doberman).

Time to open the fantasy season 1-0. Today, we erase whatever deficit you were handed by Tony Romo on Wednesday night. Let's get after it, chief.

There's good news out there on most (but not all) of the injured running backs, including Browns rookie Trent Richardson. He's on track to start today against Philly, and I'd expect him to get plenty of work. After him, Cleveland's depth chart is full of bad ideas. The early news is favorable on Marshawn Lynch, too; he's expected to face Arizona in the opener, unless his back explodes during warm-ups. And barring some disastrous turn of events, it sounds like we'll see Arian Foster and Adrian Peterson this week as well. (Ben Tate and Toby Gerhart can still make noise, of course. They're in the flex discussion).

The day's only bad news comes from Tampa, where Jonathan Stewart has tweeted that he will not — repeat: NOT — play against the Bucs in the opener. DeAngelo Williams could easily give us a top-10 (top-5?) fantasy day with Stewart sidelined.

For additional last-minute updates and recommendations, please join us at noon ET for the season debut of Fantasy Football Live. We'll take your calls, your tweets, your chat questions — in fact, I'll probably launch the chat window a few minutes early, just so I can screw up as many lineups as possible. And before you leave to stock the mini-fridge, here's a critical programming note: This year, Sunday Scene will be published late, after the 4:25 games have ended. We'll still cover all the big in-game breaking news throughout the afternoon on Roto Arcade, however, so please hang out on the blog, maybe lurk in a comments section.

OK, time to paint your game faces, friends. This day is as good as it gets.


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