Friends, family, and five transactions a day

If I'm not mistaken, the image on the right is an action shot of Craig Falzone. That's him confirming the Juan Cruz/Mark Teahen transaction to one of his superiors. Or maybe the Matt Garza/Juan Cruz move.

Or Chase Headley/Matt Garza.

Or Jose Vidro/Tadahito Iguchi.

The trading floor at Falzone Fantasy HQ is a busy place. As of 9:30 am PT on March 28, his team had made 17 transactions in the Yahoo! Friends and Family League, and another 16 in the Yahoo! H2H Invitational (no link, because it doesn't seem to be publicly viewable just yet).

I'm participating in many fantasy leagues this season, involving all sorts of different formats, scoring styles, player pools and incentives, and Falzone is the only owner in any of them who's already reached double-digit transactions. It's a remarkable pace. Last year, he finished fourth in the actual F&F standings, but first in add/drops -- and by a mile. He made 241 moves. That was 138 more transactions than (ahem) the league winner.

Falzone actually owns so many players over the course of a fantasy season that they're securitized, then sold to hedge funds, foreign banks and pension funds. We're told that his Mariner-related derivatives carry very little risk. This largely unregulated market has led to what some analysts are calling "The Ibanez Bubble," but I say that's just hooey.

Anyway, I'd like to know exactly how many of you can top 17 transactions. It's a big number, considering that it's not yet April...

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