The Fantasy Freak Show Podcast: Here’s to you, Laurent Robinson

It's finally that time of the fantasy season — your day of reckoning. Those lucky enough to survive live to fight another day. Those who don't spend the next six months debating internally what exactly went wrong. To ensure your date with destiny is fulfilled, saving your mind from thoughts of depression and woe and wallet from expensive psychiatrist sessions, sage fanalysts Brad Evans and Andy Behrens disclosed their best advice for avoiding the quick hook.

Also on this week's nail-biting episode, we provided the very latest on questionable commodities Adrian Peterson, Laurent Robinson, Willis McGahee and Kevin Smith, decided whether or not Rex Grossman will be a man or muppet versus the Patriots, explained why Malcom Floyd could leave Bills in the dust, played a game of over/unders, and, of course, answer your pressing questions. Too busy watching old YouTube clips of the Iron Shiek? Don't fret. Listen to the replay below:


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