The Fantasy Freak Show Podcast: Pujols, Peyton and Portlandia


That's what Albert Pujols and seemingly every closer in baseball not named Fernando Rodney (Friggin' amazing) has triggered exactly one month into the season.

On this week's loaded program, Brad Evans and Scott Pianowski attempted to diagnose Phat Albert's skinny numbers and decided whether he's buy low, hold or salvage what you can material.

Additionally, saves circuses in baseball's biggest markets Chicago, Los Angeles and, sadly now with Mariano Rivera's season toast, New York, were dissected, providing owners with the very latest on who we feel will get the ball in the ninth. Pedro Alvarez's searing start is also on the docket. Is he must-add material in all formats? Could he actually outproduce Alex Rodriguez?

Meanwhile, on the virtual gridiron, the Piano Man and Noise revealed their teams and what picks raised an eyebrow in their first mock draft of the fantasy football offseason. Where did Trent Richardson go? How many quarterbacks were selected in Round 1? When did TE monoliths Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham fall off the draft board? What about Peyton Manning? We'll have all the gory details to get you amped up for mocking.

In too much shock after hearing the O's are considering re-signing Miguel Tejada (We are too)? Missed the show? Listen to the replay below:



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