Fantasy Freak Show Podcast: Linsanity, Starlin Castro and stumping for Strasburg

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The mass hysteria that has ascended over New York in recent weeks puts Tebowmania to shame. Stories, references, Tweets about Jeremy Lin are inescapable. Opponents can't defend him. The media can't stop covering him. And, naturally, Kim Kardashian allegedly wants to cuddle up next to him. Everyone is indeed Linsane in the brain.

Fanatics are no exception.

On this week's unparalleled episode, Matt Buser tipped off the show with an in-depth discussion on whether or not now is the best time for owners to cash in on America's favorite Linderella story. Our hoops du jour also touched on Derrick Rose's ongoing back problems, Joakim Noah's abrupt about face, Jordan Farmar's golden value and unveiled winning strategies for the stretch run.

Meanwhile, in hour numero dos, Scott Pianowski trotted in from the bullpen to rap rawhide. He and I recapped our thoughts on the Yoenis Cespedes signing, detailed the fallout from Carl Crawford's wrist surgery, decided if Stephen Strasburg is overvalued/undervalued and revealed our Rip Van Winkles at OF and SP.

Too busy waxing your chest? No worries. You can listen to the replay below.



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