The Fantasy Freak Show Podcast: Are you a man or a muppet?

So your team stands at 5-7. A win, and the blood, sweat and tears you put into the regular season will be rewarded. A loss, and long consultations with Jim (Beam) await. Buried under the 26-point weight of last night's ava-Lynch, the latter is becoming a very real possibility. With shovels in hand and knowledge in head, fellow freakazoids Brad Evans and Brandon Funston hopefully gave you the right advice to push you into the playoffs.

Also on this week's edge-of-your-seat episode, we provided the very latest on injured commodities Adrian Peterson, Miles Austin, Kevin Smith, Ahmad Bradshaw and Michael Turner, decided whether Beanie Wells will be more man or muppet in Week 13, revealed why Michael Crabtree could surprise, played a game of over/unders and, of course, answered your pressing questions. Too busy munching on Skittles? No sweat. Listen to the replay below:



Image courtesy of US Presswire