The Fantasy Freak Show Podcast: Seek out Greener pastures

Roto Arcade

Decisions, decisions, decisions … sticky sit/start dilemmas dominate the thoughts of every owner this time each year. One false move, and no amount of Sam Hurd's finest could numb the pain. One risky, yet profitable, play, and a championship berth is earned. In this season of single elimination, every player in a favorable situation, no matter the points projected, deserves starting consideration. Too often, fanatics become fixated on names, sacrificing a juicy matchup (e.g. Christian Ponder vs. NO) in the hopes their "stud" can overcome a difficult opponent (e.g. Michael Vick vs. NYJ). To help alleviate the agony, Brad Evans and Brandon Funston discussed why buying generic might be the best playoff strategy.

Also on this week's tense episode, we broke down the latest on wounded warriors Ben Roethlisberger, Adrian Peterson and Kevin Smith, decided whether Cam Newton will be a man or muppet against the Texans, explained why you should make a date with Ben Tate, play a game of over/unders and, of course, answered your pressing questions. Too busy baking a fruitcake for you Uncle Fred? No worries. Listen to the replay via the link below.


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