First Down: Hey wiseguy, you're not slick for drafting Vick

For the past two weeks across terrestrial radio and in traditional print, fantasy pundits have been repeatedly interrogated about a certain NFL quarterback responsible for the heart-sinking ASPCA spots played every break of every preseason game (Seriously, if the depressing ads don't stop soon, the Evans compound will be overrun with three-legged dogs).

Since Michael Vick's(notes) reinstatement, it's been extremely difficult to dodge questions about the Eagle's expected fantasy impact: Is he rosterable? Where should he be drafted? What do you foresee? Do you think he and McNabb will share a bowl of chunky New England clam chowder with Donovan's mom?

Minus the latter question, the Noise has answered the inquiries with the same uncharacteristically bland tone: "At this time, Vick is largely fantasy irrelevant."

The mass media's Favre-level fascination with Vick is understandable. He's a polarizing figure who entices eyes and ears to the conversation, a selling point. It's not at all surprising green and black No. 7 jerseys have become the Cabbage Patch Kids of NFL merchandise.

For the fantasy masses, the persistent Vick coverage is the reason why he's owned in a ridiculous 30 percent of Y! Plus formats. Nostalgic owners drafting the artist formerly known as Ron Mexico are hoping he can recapture the statistical prowess that propelled him to three top-10 QB seasons in 2002, 2005 and 2006.

Visible in his 15-yard completion to Hank Baskett(notes) versus Jacksonville last week, Vick still possesses a bazooka arm. Though he was easily contained on a 1-yard bootleg, it's also assumed his electrifying speed hasn't disappeared (Highlights here). But he's clearly a work in progress, a significant distance away from regaining the lucidness emitted by his once vibrant star.

When Vick officially reaches full reinstatement after Week 6, his value will largely be undeterminable due to the gadget manner in which Marty Mornhinweg plans to utilize his services. In other words, his fantasy impact will be in-game dependent, a highly unpredictable variable. From the Associated Press:

"Every game will be different. There will be games where we use him situationally. There will be games where we won't use him quite as much and there will be games where that's just a part of us. It will change game to game by game plan. We'll do whatever we think is the best thing that will help us win the game."

Ultimately, owners who foolishly circumvent upside commodities at other positions in the later rounds for Vick (i.e. James Davis, Glen Coffee(notes) and Jermichael Finley(notes)) are throwing away a potential diamond-in-the-rough. Once bye weeks kick in starting Week 4, the three-time All-Pro will be massively cut, which is the primary reason for his irrelevancy.

Sadly, the constant Vick attention has overshadowed McNabb, making him one of virtual pigskin's thriftiest bargains (60.63 ADP). The laidback QB is commanding arguably the NFC's most explosive offense behind a terrific line. Kim Jong-Il wishes he had Philly's nuclear weapons. Assuming the Chunky Soup Maestro stays healthy, he could easily finish the season top four at his position.

Sans the googly eyes and greenback body, Vick is basically an insurance policy for McNabb. But until the incumbent is felled by injury, he's essentially just as valuable as Houston's Dan Orlovsky(notes).

Fearless Forecast (Vick): 288 total passing yards, 2 passing TDs, 3 interceptions, 194 rushing yards, 3 rushing TDs, 4 receptions, 49 receiving yards

Fearless Forecast (McNabb, 15 G): 261 passing ypg, 23 passing TDs, 10 interceptions, 176 rushing yards, 2 rushing TDs

What are your thoughts about the Vick situation? Would you draft him? In terms of fantasy, do you think McNabb is being disrespected? Discuss below.


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