FFL Sunday Pregame: Your fantasy wakeup call sounds at 9 AM ET, 6 AM PT

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Buzzkill. That's how millions of fantasy owners felt after watching their top picks flounder in Week 1. Several noteworthy running backs including Trent Richardson, C.J. Spiller, Arian Foster, Maurice Jones-Drew, David Wilson and Lamar Miller completely bombed, forcing many to hover their finger over the panic button.

On this week's edgy episode, fantasy psychiatrists Brad Evans and Brandon Funston dissect last week's string of disastrous performances. Additionally, our resident Freuds will unveil their sleeper, busts and shocker special picks from each remaining game, play a game of over/unders, chat with the always lovely Melanie Collins and Kay Adams and, of course, answer your pressing questions.

Here's how YOU can join the circus:

Phone: 800.777.2907

Twitter: @YSRFFL

Roll out of bed. Shake off that hangover. And lend an ear. 'Fantasy Football Live' is about to take the air:


Also, catch the two-time Emmy-nominated webcast version of the same name starting at 11:30 AM ET, 8:30 AM PT below:

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