FFL Sunday: We feel Cleveland’s pain at 9 AM ET, 6 AM PT

Roto Arcade

Blindsided. That's how Cleveland, an incredibly loyal sports town, felt Wednesday when out of nowhere Trent Richardson, a rusher the organization traded up to acquire in last year's NFL Draft, was sent packing to Indianapolis for a 2014 first-round pick.

On this week's somber show, Brad Evans and Brandon Funston will discuss what T-Pain's departure means for his Week 3 value and beyond and what ripple effects it has for both teams. We'll also discuss why Tom Brady should no longer be considered a stud, reveal our sleepers, busts and shocker specials from every remaining Week 3 game and, of course, answer your pressing lineup questions.

Here's how YOU can join the circus:

Phone: 800.777.2907

Twitter: @YSRFFL

Set your alarm. Shake off that hangover. And lend an ear. FFL is about to hit the air.


Also, don't forget to tune into our two-time Emmy nominated webcast of the same name starting at 11:30 AM ET, 8:30 AM PT. Watch below:

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