Felix being Felix: Faced with huge opportunity, Jones immediately gets hurt

Roto Arcade

This has to be, without question, the most Felix Jonesy news item of the Felix Jones era, via ESPNDallas:

Jones ran for 44 yards on 15 carries, filling in for an injured DeMarco Murray, but he suffered a neck strain on the second play from scrimmage and a bruised knee later.

Well, of course he got hurt twice. OF COURSE HE DID. Not sure why any of us expected another outcome. Jones was actually sidelined for most of Dallas' final two drives, as serviceable third-stringer Phillip Tanner finished with 38 yards on 14 touches for the Cowboys.

We don't yet know if Felix will be available for the Week 8 match-up with the Giants, but you obviously can't rely on him (ever again). On Monday, DeMarco Murray was expected to undergo more tests on his sprained foot. Let's just hope DeMarco can get himself back in the mix soon, because no one wants to spend the upcoming weeks monitoring Felix's various bruises.

Jones is headed for free agency at the end of the year, you might recall. This is a player who, for financial reasons, could really use a big performance at some point this season. When faced with a terrific opportunity on Sunday, versus a friendly defense, all he really did was reinforce the biggest negative on his scouting report.

Sorry that I ever recommended him. My bad. (Points to self). I don't normally invite your criticism in comments, but this is a case where it's clearly deserved. Do what you need to do, gamer.

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