The Favrotic Fantasy Emporium: Our first and last preseason Brett Favre post

OK, let's get Brett Favre(notes) out of the way now, in June, before anything is officially official and at least two months before any serious fantasy league holds a draft. Last week he offered the clearest possible "maybe" on HBO's Joe Buck Live, so we can't completely ignore him.

But why limit ourselves to just one Favre-specific preseason post? For the same reason that we aren't going to dedicate thousands of words to, say, Jason Campbell(notes): He's a fantasy back-up. We reserve the right to update this post as needed, but we will not become virulent purveyors of Favrotica. That's really not our niche.

Whenever No. 4 signs with Minnesota -- and it may or may not have happened already -- he'll be no higher than 20th in my preseason QB ranks, just ahead of Campbell/Bulger territory. That seems fairly generous, considering Favre's atrocious finish in '08. He threw nine picks and just two touchdown passes over the final five weeks, torpedoing the Jets' season. Yeah, he's surgically enhanced, allegedly pain-free, and he fits the system. But he'll also turn 40 in October. Favre basically profiles like an old version of Sage Rosenfels(notes): Talented, inconsistent, terminally reckless.

Adrian Peterson will continue to be the primary and secondary focus of opposing defenses, no matter who's at the controls of Minnesota's offense. In fact, the defensive backs of the NFC North would welcome the opportunity to chase after 35 Vikings pass attempts per game. That's not a threat so much as a favor. There's an argument that Peterson helps Favre in no small way, but the same would be true for Rosenfels. Neither Bernard Berrian(notes) nor Percy Harvin(notes) will get a bump in my rankings if/when Favre signs. Visanthe Shiancoe(notes) will (slightly), since Brett is a known tight end fetishist.

Still, Favre doesn't significantly move the needle for the Vikes' skill position players. If you think we're being too pessimistic, then please state your boyish, gun-slinging, riverboat gambling, real comfortable case in comments. Those of you who consider Favre a starter in 16-team fantasy leagues will need to show your ranks. Here are the names I've currently got ahead of Favrenfels, No.'s 9 through 19: Matt Schaub(notes), Matt Ryan(notes), Jay Cutler(notes), Ben Roethlisberger(notes), Carson Palmer(notes), Matt Cassel(notes), Eli Manning(notes), Matt Hasselbeck(notes), Kyle Orton(notes), Trent Edwards(notes), David Garrard(notes).


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