Fantasy PSA: Yahoo player ranks now reflect custom league settings

Fantasy PSA: Yahoo player ranks now reflect custom league settings

Big news, fantasy managers. Yahoo's in-game player rankings will now reflect the custom stat categories used by your specific league.

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This means two things for you as a fantasy player:

First, all leagues’ player rankings are based on their settings. Before this update, rankings for all leagues were based on default public league settings, even in private, custom leagues whose settings can be very different from the default settings in public leagues.

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Second, default player rankings have been updated. They are more accurate than previous default rankings. You will see these changes in public leagues, pro leagues and any private leagues using Yahoo’s default league settings.

The new rankings will be displayed everywhere we currently show ranks: Roster; Players; Trades; etc.

So for example, if you play in a baseball format that uses on-base percentage for hitters in place of batting average, then Carlos Santana will finally get the respect he deserves. And Billy Hamilton will now receive the appropriate level of disrespect.

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The next time you visit your league's main page looking for a free agent, simply hit the "Players" tab, then sort by "Current" rank. You'll find all available players arranged by their year-to-date value in your custom scoring system, no matter how quirky it is.

Happy adding, gamers.