Need fantasy points? The Lions and Rams are here to help

Is it too early in the fantasy season to look ahead to Weeks 15 and 16?

Yeah, maybe. But MJD is looking even further, and everyone seems to be taking it well.

Also, some of us are 2-0, we're Bronco-heavy, and we do not lack confidence. We're patiently waiting to annihilate Brad Evans in Week 3, and Chris Johnson is just sitting there on our bench, ready to be deployed should the need arise.

No matter your fantasy circumstances, you should always look to exploit matchups. You obviously can't make a start/sit decision without looking at the schedule.

With this fact in mind, each Tuesday we'll review the league's more accommodating defenses. Below you'll find the ten most user-friendly teams in the NFL, sorted by points-allowed per game.

It's really a simple list: points, yards, future opponents. You can find additional details over at the NFL Stats page. Teams will move in and out of the bottom ten throughout the season, of course...but the Lions are there to stay. So it's a good week to add a few Niners.

And yes, the Rams are seriously allowing 481.5 yards per game. That's not a misprint.


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