Fantasy Freak Show pregame, Week 15

Please join Brad and Andy on Friday for an evening of song, merriment and sit/start questions. We're live on The Score WSCR-AM 670 Chicago, beginning at 10:00 pm CT. You can email questions at any time to, or you wait until we're on the air, then dial 312-644-6767 or text 67011. Emailers, please include your name and city. Texters, please include your height, weight and bench-press max.

If you fail to listen to this week's show, there is no path to victory. None. Your week is already lost.

Many of us awoke on Friday to scores like those pictured on the right, thanks to some combination of Manning, Clark, Wayne and MJD. (Not to mention the unimaginably weak tackling skills of Reggie Nelson(notes). Check the tape on Wayne's game-winning TD here. Nelson had him dead to rights at the 10-yard line, but he crazily went for the low-probability strip). There's really no margin for error if you're already trailing 52-0. Please consult us. We're here to help.

And of course you won't want to miss tonight's musical guests, Alan and Merrill Osmond. Brad loves him some Osmonds.



Photo via Getty Images

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