The Fantasy Freak Show Podcast: CJ2Lame is toast edition

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Hornswoggled, bamboozled, cheated — these are feelings many investors of top-flight running backs have felt for weeks. Recent history says misery has had plenty of company. Since 2006, 46.7 percent of rushers failed to measure up to lofty expectations (RBs drafted in the top-12 that didn't finish inside the top-15 in per game scoring). Based on the woeful first half play of several notable names (e.g. Chris Johnson, Rashard Mendenhall, Peyton Hillis) and season-ending injury to Jamaal Charles, one-third of preseason kings are on pace to finish as paupers. If Steven Jackson (No. 14 in per game scoring currently) and Maurice Jones-Drew (No. 15) don't end strong, that number will swell to 50-percent. With plenty of sand left in the hourglass, this year's group of underachievers still has time for a turnaround. Who should you buy? Sell? Craig Shemon, Brad Evans and Andy Behrens provided the answers.

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Also on this week's touching episode, we discussed the latest on wounded warriors Ahmad Bradshaw, Ryan Mathews, Darren McFadden and Andre Johnson, cage-matched over LeGarrette Blount's Week 9 value, explained why DeMarco Murray's best days could be behind him, played a game of over/unders and, of course, answered your pressing questions. Missed the show because you were reorganizing your sock drawer? Don't fret. Listen to the replay below.



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