Fantasy Freak Show Episode XII

In this week's expanded episode, Dokken rocked the house, Behrens licked random callers and the Noise temporarily lost consciousness after the Million Dollar Sleeper applied his patented finishing move.

We were also kindly joined by Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Garlin who forecasted a banner week for Devin Hester(notes) and repainted his sprawling Los Angeles estate Battle Red. A down week for the Texans and our next encounter with the comedian will definitely be a "Larry David moment." Punchlines about the Noise's prognostication skills are sure to flow freely (As if they didn't already).

Click. Consume. Purge.

Freak Show Opening Segment

Freak Show Hour 1

Freak Show Hour 2

Bonus Time!

Jeff Garlin Chat/Team Remodeling Project


Photo via Getty Images

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