Fantasy Football Live poll: How much do preseason results matter?

We can probably all agree that in the NFL, preseason excellence does not guarantee regular season greatness. In some cases, exhibition excellence doesn't even guarantee a job. But it's also true that preseason performances, both good and bad, can influence depth chart positioning.

On Thursday's edition of Fantasy Football Live, we'll be discussing (among many topics) the relative importance of August results. We'd like to hear your thoughts on the subject, so please share 'em below, or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook. What are you looking for in the preseason? What do you ignore? Who are you watching? Or are you not watching anyone at all?

This is a conversation, you guys, not a lecture.

Join us for first half-hour of Thursday's FFL at 6:30 pm ET, live on NBC Sports Network . Then please jump over to Yahoo! at 7 pm ET for another 30 minutes of news, analysis, pseudo-analysis, and bickering. As always, you're encouraged to call the show (877-335-4878) or send questions via tweet, using #AskFFL.

I'll be driving the @YahooFantasy feed during the show, by the way, so you know you're getting thoughtful responses from a trained fantasy professional. Tune in. Let's chat. No question will be refused.

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